Press/Steam Dresses 6.00 Pants 3.00 Shirts 3.50 Shorts 2.00 Skirts 2.25 2 PC Suit 5.50 Sweaters 2.75 Laundry- Per Pound 2.26

Dry Cleaning: Shirts 3.75 Blouses 3.50 Pants/Slacks 4.75 Leggings 3.25 Skirts, plain 3.00 Pleated 3.25 Jumpsuit 8.25 Vest 3.75 Cardigans 4.25 Heavy Jackets 9.50 Coats: 8.25 Hats, Scarves, Ties 2.50 Suit 2PC 12.00 Dresses, plain 10.25 Dresses, 2PC 11.50 Cocktail 11.75 Gowns 55.00+

Professional Uniforms 9.75 Lab Coats: 5.25 Work Shirts 4.25 Work Pants 5.50 Overalls 9.00 Comforter 25.00 Sheets 9.00 Table Cloth 4.50 Blanket 15.00 Pillow Case 2.80 Curtains 8.50 Valance 4.75 Starch, light/medium 1.25 Starch, heavy/extra 1.50

No matter what it is you need to be cleaned, the team at A R Best Cleaning is dedicated to cleaning your items with precision and care. Simply stop by, drop off what you need cleaned, then come back when we let you know everything is taken care of. We believe in offering our clients both convenience and quality. We hope you choose us when you are in need of quality cleaning services. We offer the following:

  • Dry cleaning — Whether you need your interview suit cleaned or your wedding dress, we provide dry cleaning services to keep your clothing in the best possible condition.
  • Laundry and press — We press the wrinkles out of your garment and help press it back to its original shape. It’ll fit you the same as it did the first time.
  • Folding — Any of your laundry that requires folding will be taken care of. Allow our team to make transporting your garments and linens easier than ever.

Our day-to-day lives include clothing, bedding, and all the fabrics in between. Ensure they get the best possible care by selecting a team who can help. More than 18 years of experience in the industry means we know a thing or two about proper cleaning practices. Work with some of the best. Stop in at A R Best Cleaning today.

Dry cleaning/ laundry & press

Wash & fold

Work clothes